Good design makes people's life better. That's why I love what I do. (I like people, you see).
I'm Jamie and I design experiences. Mostly working on the web and digital platforms, but with a fair bit of experience working on all types of multi-media projects; from branding and advertising, to exhibitions and animation, and some enjoyable oddballs in between.
I work as User Experience Designer, which means I'm constantly championing human centred design in order to give the people who use the platforms I work on, the best experience possible. Outside of work I create illustrations for fun, play with the web, run a bit and cycle (in the summer). 
I'm not really showing any UX work on this website, as its more of a fun platform for me to show some of the graphics work I've done. I'll get some UX stuff on eventually — honest!
Living in the North East of England with two small people and a lovely lady, You can usually find me with a smile on my face, unless I've accidentally bumped into a winter wasp, which happened last Tuesday.
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